Frequently Asked Questions

What cars do you use?

We only use new shape black Chrysler 300 vehicles with black leather interior.

Why can I only book a minimum of 4 hours in advance?

We have a limited number of drivers/vehicles available. To ensure we have enough time to prepare for your transport needs we need 4 hours to complete the driver's current job, return to your area, and prepare the vehicle for your transport. The drivers also require breaks. 

Why do you sometimes show more hours to complete a job than it takes to drive the journey?

Some trips from Denver International Airport to the destination do not return to our base in Fort Collins, CO. Some destinations, such as Vail and Aspen, CO, take a number of hours for the driver to return to Fort Collins, thereby delaying the driver's ability to continue completing local trips for other clients. We will adjust the total time to show this. Furthermore, searching google maps travel times at the time of booking can sometimes not show traffic delays at the time of your journey.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information?

Our web site is hosted by Godaddy. Payment processing is completed by Square. We do not receive a copy of your debit/credit card number or keep card numbers on file. 

How are your fees so economical?

Our overhead costs are kept low by operating an online business. We are able to compete with many transport network companies standard pricing because we are a family owned business and not shareholder owned.

Can you collect me in my area?

We are always looking to expand, but as we are based in Fort Collins, CO we are unfortunately unable to operate in all areas for a fee comparable to other service providers in that area. We do, however, promise to give you the best price and service we can.